The Principals

Berardo Graziani

Principal, B. Arch., OAA, MRAIC, Architect

Enzo Corazza

Principal, B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, Architect

Domenic Biase

Principal, CET

The Associate Principals

Johnny Chimienti

B.Tech, BEDS, M.Arch, Associate

Gino Colangelo

Dip, Arch. Technology Production Associate

The Senior Associates

Jerry Chong

Dip. Arch. Technology, Associate

Mani Faustino

BS Arch OAA MRAIC, Associate

The Associates

Kevin White

Dip. Arch. Tech, Associate

Douglas Lozada

B. Arch, Associate

Kamal Habib

B. Arch, OAA MRAIC, Associate

Viona Zuberovski

Dip. Arch Tech./G.I.S + Urban Planning

Leo Wong

B. Arch, Sci, Associate

Robert Lincoln


Shari Grant


Faiz Aziz


Thiago Ranzatti

B.Arch + Urban Planning

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